Training for Educators and Students

Students and young people who are in dating relationships are a primary target for this campaign. Dating violence and sexual assault are on the rise on both college campuses and high schools. Many students are experiencing their first committed relationships during their high school and college years, and need information to identify unhealthy behaviors. The Voices for Change campaign gives participants the information they need to identify abusive relationships before they become dangerous, and to encourage young people to have effective dialogue about abusive behavior.

High schools, colleges and universities play a critically important role in reaching young women and men who are in relationships. By partnering with schools, on campus counseling, health, and guidance groups, and local IPV organizations, this campaign hopes to make a significant impact on the ability of students to create healthy relationships.

Voices for Change effectively works to build empathy and create engaged discussions with students, teachers and counselors through the viewing of FINDING JENN’S VOICE. The film examines controlling relationships beyond physical violence, helping to expand awareness of controlling and emotionally abusive relationships. Platforms for the campaign within the educational sector include:

  1. Assembly presentations, with the screening discussion led by experienced community domestic violence professionals (filmmaker led panels are also available).
  2. Classroom DVDs as part of course curriculum for a) College instructors teaching a variety of courses including women’s studies, criminal justice, social work, psychology, nursing and b) High school teachers of health, psychology and relationship classes. Discussion guides are available to accompany the film.
  3. Continuing Education Workshops – Voices for Change provides new information, strategies for change, and motivation to professional audiences to enhance their practices, community work and teaching.

Students who have attended film screenings have made the following recommendations:

  • Use the film during freshman orientation
  • Create opportunities to role-play intervening with friends in abusive relationships
  • Include fraternities and sororities in prevention and outreach efforts
  • Identify online tools and apps to help students use technology to identify and respond to dangerous relationships