Finding Jenn’s Voice

A Documentary Film on Intimate Partner Homicide

“The film was one of the best films I’ve ever seen that addressed domestic violence… It was
incredibly powerful. Thank you so much for this significant piece of work. It has changed me

Gretta Gardner, JD, Deputy Director
DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Film Trailer.

FINDING JENN’S VOICE is the story of a woman silenced. Jennifer Snyder was murdered in 2011 by her married boyfriend. Like many women killed by an intimate partner, she was pregnant. Like many more women who are in an unhealthy, controlling relationships, her killer had never so much as hit her before the day he shot her.

In FINDING JENN’S VOICE, filmmaker and clinical social worker, Tracy Schott, lifts the story of Jennifer’s death out of the tabloid narrative that blames the victim and masks the issues and
behaviors that lead to more than three deaths a day due to intimate partner violence. The film is
rooted in peer-reviewed studies and research; but, more importantly, the film addresses the
complexities of controlling relationships and dispels the myths accepted and perpetuated by the
media and society that prevent us from recognizing the signs of dangerous patterns of behavior in intimate relationships. The film is the centerpiece of the campaign, Voices for Change, which will leverage the engagement potential of the film to change the current narrative of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) from one of resignation into one that builds empathy and promotes healthy relationships that save lives.

Why this film?

The dominant narrative of IPV is clouded by myths and misconceptions. Even many documentaries purporting to speak to the issues unwittingly reinforce these myths and misconceptions. The visual shorthand for intimate partner abuse is the woman hiding a black eye behind sunglasses or heavy make-up. However, not everyone involved in a destructive relationship fits that bill. Research shows that pregnancy increases the risks of violence and homicide, and that up to 30% of all intimate partner homicides occur in relationships with no previous history of violence. It turns out that there are many characteristics of abusive relationships that have nothing to do with physical violence. You just have to look beyond the black eye.

FINDING JENN’S VOICE redefines IPV to create a better understanding of the dynamics of power and control in abusive relationships. Through interviews with experts in the field and survivors of homicide attempts, FINDING JENN’S VOICE offers valuable insight into the causes of abuse, describes the signs of controlling relationships, and establishes empathy for those caught up in this cycle of destructive behavior. FINDING JENN’S VOICE has won several awards, including the National Association of Social Workers Best Documentary Film.

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