Law Enforcement

Training for Police and First Responders

This 3 hour training includes a viewing of Finding Jenn’s Voice, followed by a review of information covered in the film, research on police response to domestic calls, and tools available to help First Responders assess for lethality potential. This training has been approved by the Pennsylvania State Police for 3 CEUs for Municipal Police.

Information covered in the film:

  • Understanding of the nature of abusive relationships
  • Early warning signs of abusive relationships
  • Risk factors for intimate partner homicide
  • Why pregnancy increases the risks for homicide
  • Why women stay in abusive relationships
  • Barriers and risks to leaving abusive relationships

Following the film, the seminar will provide a structured discussion of the following:

Responding to Domestic Violence Calls

  • Safety First – Discussion of the risks of responding to Domestic Violence Calls
  • Separating the Couple – Importance of removing victim from perpetrator during questioning
  • Understanding the danger signs –
  • Threats to Kill
  • Choking/Strangulation
  • Guns
  • Pregnancy
  • Jealousy
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Child Neglect
  • Animal Abuse/Neglect
  • Stalking Behavior
  • Presence of Non-biologically related children

Screening for Lethality

  • Review Lethality Assessment Program and Danger Assessment Scales based on research by Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell
  • Provides protocol for law enforcement and first responders

Local Resources for Referral and Counseling

  • Review of local, state and national resources
  • What to expect from referrals