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Rewind 10 years. For many years I described my life as living in a horror film. It was kinda like watching from the outside in disbelief, this was my life, how did I get here? It's the movie scene where you are constantly running and there is nowhere to hide. And everywhere you went danger lurked around the corner. The many nights that I suddenly awake In terror wondering, if I am ok checking to see if I locked the doors. Stuck, a prisoner of my own life. One day finally the words that changed my life forever; 'forgive yourself' so simple, yet why hadn't I thought of this before? I was to blinded by the hurt and shame. Blame; I blamed myself... Those are the words I needed to hear. 'forgive yourself' Fast forward 6 years 'Believe in yourself' I had this surreal moment the other day as I look at the reflection in the glass wall I see the outline of myself; I see the beautiful city skyline.. The day deceives us; the sun is shining and it is the coldest day of the year. Life goes on as we carry on in this world that at times decipere us. 'Believe in yourself'