Lisa is a survivor of an abusive relationship and attempted partner homicide. Despite her experiences, today she thrives. As a life coach, she helps heart-centered, dreamers make a meaningful contribution in the world and be the love, joy and presence they wish to see in the world. For ... Read more

Charolotte Anne

Charolotte Anne is one of the survivors in Finding Jenn’s Voice. Charolotte survived a brutal strangulation attack in 2009 while pregnant. She is a mother of two daughters and works as an advocate for change. Charolotte strives to strengthen relationships between the community and governm ... Read more

Lisette Johnson

Lisette Johnson has been featured on NPR’s The Takeaway, and in Time, The Washington Post, Huffington Post and USA Today. She has testified before Congress and the Virginia General Assembly in her violence prevention advocacy work. Lisette was shot in 2009 by her husband, in front of their ... Read more


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Kate Ranta is featured in FINDING JENN’S VOICE and is author of Killing Kate: A Story of Turning Abuse and Tragedy into Transformation and Triumph. She and her father survived being shot by her abusive ex-husband; her then 4-year-old son witnessed it. Visit ... to see Kate’s advocacy and activism. Read more

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