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To put survivors first in all of its educational and advocacy efforts. We believe that survivor stories are more compelling than statistics.

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Voices4Change seeks to amplify the voices of survivors of intimate partner violence to increase understanding of abusive relationships, educate professionals, and advocate for a Zero Tolerance society

Voices4Change: Beyond Defunding

Voices4Change, in partnership with RESPOND Against Violence, Forensic Center of Excellence and Project Beloved, presents a webinar for law enforcement, and the criminal justice and domestic violence communities. Former prosecutor Kelsey McKay & Shane Rigdon will discuss the need for law enforcement agencies to reframe their investigations to incorporate community partners who will improve how survivors experience an investigation. Dr. Khara Breeden from the Forensic Center of Excellence will discuss the adult forensic interviewing program and providing medical forensic exams to victims of intimate partner violence. Tracy Matheson, founder of Project Beloved, will discuss opportunities for agencies to use Beloved Bundles and Soft Interview Rooms for survivors. Kristen Troken, a survivor of IPV, will describe her experiences with law enforcement and how these services would have made a difference in her case.

March 11,2021
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