To put survivors first in all of its educational and advocacy efforts. We believe that survivor stories are more compelling than statistics.

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1 in 3 women in the United States is a victim of intimate partner violence. Become a part of the movement to change this statistic. Learn how others are using their #ActiveVoices, take a Webinar, listen to experts and survivors, watch Finding Jenn's Voice to learn more about abusive relationships, donate.

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FINDING JENN'S VOICE is an award-winning film that tells the story of a woman silenced. Jennifer Snyder was murdered in 2011 by her married boyfriend after he learned that she was pregnant. Like many women who are in unhealthy, controlling relationships, her killer had never so much as hit her before the day he shot her. FINDING JENN'S VOICE lifts the story of Jennifer's death out of the tabloid narrative that blames victims and instead helps viewers understand the complexities of controlling relationships. The film dispels the myths of domestic violence through conversations with survivors of homicide attempts by their husbands or boyfriends. Their insights help us to find Jenn's voice and leave us with a message that is hard to forget.

Lovern Gordon, a Survivor

Lovern, who is a survivor herself, transformed her trauma into strength when she started the Love Life Now Foundation on Instagram as a way to connect and help other survivors. "Having women around me that support me - that in and of itself is a huge deal."

Our Mission

Voices4Change envisions a world where intimate partner abuse is not tolerated by any community, where systemic interventions to domestic violence are effective and evidence-based, and where survivor voices lead the change

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Voices4Change Overview

Interview with Finding Jenn's Voice filmmaker and creator of Voices4Change, Tracy Schott, MSW, MS. Tracy provides some background about the creation of both the film and the website, and her vision for Voices4Change as a social change movement.

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The Epidemic of Violence Against Women

On the eve of International Women's Day and just prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Voices4Change creator Tracy Schott reflects on the impact of worldwide violence against women and the need for all of us to come together to stop intimate partner homicide.


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Voices4Change seeks to amplify the voices of survivors of intimate partner violence to increase understanding of abusive relationships, educate professionals, and advocate for a Zero Tolerance society


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Our Training

After thousands of screenings of Finding Jenn's Voice, we have embarked on this grassroots effort to change the deadly statistics of intimate partner homicide. We have heard how impactful the film is when incorporated into professional training.

We have responded by creating online training tools for law enforcement, healthcare and educators.

Again Weight

Training for Police, Judges & Attorneys to prevent Intimate Partner Homicide.

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Again Heart

Training for healthcare professionals to recognize and effectively respond to intimate partner violence.

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Voices4Change was launched in 2020 to create a movement to eliminate intimate partner violence. When the worldwide pandemic hit, so too did the "shadow pandemic" where rates of domestic abuse increased while isolation made life more dangerous for victims. Revenue streams for organizations like Voices4Change have diminished during the economic crisis, while the need for our work has grown. Your support allows us to create new content and training, provide

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