Have any of these thoughts about covid crossed your mind in the last few weeks? 1. It’s not that bad/it’s getting safer with our behavior changes. 2. Other people are getting sick but it’s not as bad as it was. 3. Yeah, people are still dying but that won’t happen to me. 4. I haven’t gotten it/died yet so I’ll probably be ok doing what I’m doing. 5. My kids are resilient. They’ll be fine. 6. I’m just ready to live my life and I’ll have to deal with it as I can since I can’t change it. That’s desensitization. It happens when there is something so huge in your life that you have to figure out a way to live with it. It’s a survival mechanism. So if you ever wonder how people end up staying in abusive and toxic relationships, you can see it clearly. They simply get used to it. And it’s dangerous.

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It's been 10 years, tens of thousands of hours of therapy for my kids and I, four surgeries and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs since my husband shot me and took his life in front of our kids. I have slowly come to realize over this time there is no going home, no going back to my life and who I was. Every single aspect of my life has been affected including an entirely new career as a domestic violence advocate, trainer and speaker. My own experience made me obsessed with how to keep what happened to me this from happening to other women and children.


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